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The White Horse Pulborough

Breakfast menu

Served Friday, Saturday and Sunday  9-12


White or wholemeal Baps or Crusty ciabatta 

 Sausage or Bacon...£5.00 

Horse combo Bacon, Saus, egg and hash browns. £7.95 

Classic BLT...£6.50 

Brie with red onion chutney...£7.95 

 Snacks Sides, and light bites.... 

Baked beans on toast  £3.95

...or scrambled egg  £4.50   add smoked salmon  £2.95 

Loaded hash browns, topped with cheese beans and crispy bacon...£6.95 

Smashed avocado and poached egg on sour dough toast...£7.95 

Hash browns (2) or Buttered fried potatoes£1.95

Black pudding (2) £1.95

Grilled Tomatoes or buttered mushrooms or baked beans£1.75 each or 2 sausages or 2 bacon £1.95 tweggs £1.75 Fried bread£1.25 

 TEAS and COFFEE....

Filter coffee or Tea  £2.50

Decaffeinated coffee or Mint tea, Green tea or Earl or Lady grey Tea £2.75 


The little horse breakfast... 


One sausage, one bacon, one egg grilled tomato and one slice of bread and butter/Toast... £7.95 

The White Horse Classic...

Two sausages,2 bacon, and 2 eggs with Buttery sliced potatoes, Grilled toms and black pudding...Tea or filter coffee and two slices of bread and butter/toast...£11.95 

The white Mustang Breakfast... 

Two sausages, 2 bacon,2 eggs,2 hash browns and baked beans...

Tea or filter coffee and two slices of bread and butter/toast...£11.50 

The White Horse Full shire....

2 sausages, 2 bacon and 2 black pudding slices served with 2 hash browns buttery sliced potatoes, Grilled tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms and fried bread and 2 fried eggs served with tea or filter coffee and 2 slices of bread and butter/toast...£17.95 

Please advise a member of the team of any allergens 

Menu is subject to change 

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